Europe now epicenter of COVID-19; 250 die today in Italy alone

Brussels: Europe is now the “epicenter” of the global coronavirus pandemic, the head of the World Health Organization says.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged countries to use aggressive measures, community mobilization and social distancing to save lives.

“Do not just let this fire burn,” he said.


No. of cases:  17,000

No.of deaths: 1,266

Italy recorded 250 coronavirus deaths in a 24-hour period — the most in the country in a single day — as the number of COVID-19 fatalities there reached 1,266, according to official data released on Friday.


No. of cases: 5,945

No.of deaths: 200

Spain confirmed more than 1,500 new cases of coronavirus between Friday and Saturday raising its total to 5,945 cases, the second-highest number in Europe after Italy.


No. of cases: 4,000

No. of deaths: 8

On Saturday morning, the number of Coronavirus cases in Germany stood at 3,675, meaning it doubled since Wednesday and more than tripled in the past six days. 


No. of cases: 3,660

No.of deaths: 80

The French government has moved to ban gatherings of more than 100 people in public places in French territory to stop the spread of the coronavirus, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe told TF1 TV.

“We are going to pass this limit on gatherings of 100 people,” he told TF1.

EU states close borders

Meanwhile, at least 10 other countries in Europe are enforcing border closures, including:

  • Denmark: Closes borders to foreign visitors from Saturday
  • Czech Republic: Bans all foreigners from entering the country, except those with residence permits. Bans most of its own nationals from leaving
  • Slovakia: Closes borders to all foreigners except those with a residence permit.
  • Austria: Closes three land border crossings with Italy to all foreigners, except those with a medical certificate issued within four days. No restriction on Austrian nationals
  • Ukraine: Closes border crossings to foreigners (except diplomats) for two weeks
  • Hungary: Closes land borders with Austria and Slovenia
  • Poland: From Sunday will close borders to foreign visitors