EU supports Afghanistan ‘making own decisions’: Envoy

Kabul: The European Union (EU) is committed that Afghanistan will make its own decisions, own efforts and own actions, the visiting EU Special Envoy for Afghanistan said on Thursday.

Roland Kobia, who paid his first visit to the country, told reporters here that the EU strategy on Afghanistan was adopted by the 28 ministers of foreign affairs of the EU as a high level document, which is a significant sign of the continued European engagement with Afghanistan, Xinhua reported.

Kobia added that his appointment as the EU special envoy takes place at a very key moment for EU’s engagement, which is the EU strategy that was adopted on October 16 this year.

“The spirit of this strategy is that Afghanistan has to have ownership for its own effort, its own actions and its own decisions,” Kobia said.

He noted that all the EU engagements are focusing on issues in Afghanistan, including governance, institution building, human rights and economic development.