EU, India actively dealing with terrorism, says EU envoy

Bhubaneswar: The European Union (EU) and India have a common understanding on the issue of terrorism and are collectively playing an active role to deal with such threats, said EU Ambassador to India Tomasz Kozlowski on Tuesday.

Speaking to ANI on the sidelines of ‘Clean E-Bhubaneshwar’ programme here, Kozlowski said, “We are dealing with the threats of terrorism through bilateral cooperation in the international arena. Our leaders adopted a joint declaration on fighting terrorists and we have listed a number of ways and instruments through which we can cooperate together and deal with this challenge.”

On climate change, the envoy underscored that the issue is a major challenge for both the EU and India, and that the two are working through active and result-oriented cooperation.

“Our leaders agreed to establish an EU-India partnership on climate change and clean energy and another on sustainable mobilisation. We cooperate in various issues like renewable energy, clean energy, greenhouse, electrical and electronic waste management and water management. We hope it will help both of us to make our planet greener and will be able to give the planet to the future generation in a better shape and we are committed to that,” Kozlowski elucidated.

Talking on infrastructure and investment plan for connecting Europe and Asia, the envoy termed Asia as an important partner for EU and is committed to improving connectivity between the two continents.

Kozlowski further said, “A strategy on connectivity in Asia and EU was published last week. These strategies have set certain conditions and principles on which we are ready to work. There should be transparency, inclusiveness and openness. Our strategy is not against anyone, as we are ready to cooperate with everyone, including India. But, it should be followed on the basis of certain principles.”