ETV’s Jashn-e-Urdu: Security became top issue after elections

Hyderabad: News Head of ETV Urdu Channel, Mr. Jagdish Chandra told that before the General Elections of 2014, an impression was being given that country would progress after the elections and the people had also accepted it to a larger extent. After the General Elections, Govt. changed but instead of progressing, the issues of security gained prominence. He was addressing Jashn-e-Urdu function on the completion of 15 years of Urdu news channel of ETV. In this function, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily, Prof. S.A. Shukoor, Director of Urdu Academy, Mr. Meer Ayub Ali Khan, Senior Journalist and Ms. Syeda Falak, noted Karate Champion were felicitated.


Continuing his speech, Mr. Jagdish Chandra told that the security issue of the citizens of India is very much worrying. Govt. should play an active part in this case. He further told that ETV has always performed the job of communicative the public opinion to the Govt. Regarding Urdu language, he told that it has the capacity to attract others. A large number of people of this country speak Urdu. ETV played an important role in communicating the sentiments of the Urdu speaking peoples to the Govt.


Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali told that the future of Urdu in Telangana State is very bright since CM of the State, Mr. KCR himself is a lover of Urdu. Commenting on Security issue, Mr. Mahmood Ali that there is no such issue in Telangana State since the Govt. of the state is secular. The crime rate in Telangana State has reduced. This state enjoys Ganga-Jamuna Civilization.


On this occasion, a panel discussion was also held. Participating in the discussion, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily told that the sustenance of Urdu is not possible unless the new generation is taught Urdu. Realizing this fact, Siasat Urdu Daily under the auspices of Abid Ali Khan Educational Trust started teaching Urdu to the younger generation. So far, thousands of persons have learnt Urdu. Mr. Zahid Ali Khan also mentioned the services of Siasat Urdu Daily in the field of social welfare.


Ms. Lakshmi Devi Raj, Mr. Meer Ayub Ali Khan and Mr. Mujtaba Husain also participated in the discussion. Ms. Lakshmi Devi Raj told that Urdu is not the language of a particular religious group. It is spoken by the people of all the religions. She said that her father used to read Urdu books and she also has great affinity for Urdu language. Famous Sufi Singer, Mr. Sanjay Kaun rendered Sufi Ghazals on this occasion.


–Siasat News