Etihad Airways aircraft’s tyre bursts at Mumbai airport

Mumbai: An Etihad Airways aircraft with over 200 people on board suffered a tyre burst on landing, forcing the Mumbai airport authorities to shut operations at the main runway this evening.

The operations were moved to the secondary runway after the plane from Abu Dhabi got stuck in the middle of the runway, an airport official said.

The incident took place at around 7 pm.

The aircraft had 196 passengers and 13 crew members on board, the official said.

A comment from Etihad Airways is awaited.

The Mumbai airport has a unique layout with two runways — the main runway and a secondary one – intersecting each other.

“Runway 14-32 (the secondary one) was in use as runway 09-27 (the main one) was taken over for inspection as Etihad Airways flight EY 204 had a tyre deflated after arrival on the main runway,” the official said.