Etela hails Civil Supplies Dept officials for improved services

Hyderabad: “With the help of technology like GPS to ration vehicles, CC Camera in godowns, Command Control Center we have created a situation where one cannot sustain indulging corruption in Civil Supplies Corporation” said Minister for Civil Supplies Etela Rajender.
He praised civil supplies officials for their improved services and making the department proud in the year 2016-17.
A meeting was held to review last year Rabi season, and current year’s Kharif season activity. Civil Supplies Joint Collectors, DCSOs, District Managers and Head Office officials received Admiration Certificates from the Minister. In this meeting, FCI Officials, 31 district ACSOs, Assistant Manager, Legal Metrology officials participated.
Addressing the participants, the minister said “Corruption to great extent is being eliminated in Civil Supplies Corporation with implementing reforms. Mainly PDS Rice black marketeering is prevented sooner than expected. Changes have been made in the transport system. I thank all the officials for their improved services. We cannot prevent all the irregularities one at a time. But the now situation is under control”.
Commissioner C.V. Anand prior coming to here as Cyberabad Police Commissioner had full knowledge about Civil Supplies Department. He prevented black marketeering of PDS with help of Taskforce and registered PD cases also. Discipline increased in the Civil Supplies. Previously there was no accountability for the expenses, but now for every paisa accounts are been maintained. How many gunny bags purchased, spent likewise accounts are maintained.
Commissioner for Civil Supplies C.V. Anand said “we are presenting this certificates to the officials so that they can serve people more improvising. Joint Collectors, DCSOs, DMs, other officials, and staff have worked very hard to achieve this result. Implementing reforms in Civil Supplies Department we were able to prevent Corruption”.
Telangana Civil Supplies showed the path to other states in using technology. Soon all the Joint Collector offices will get Command Control Centers, CC Cameras would be installed in all the godowns. In Greater Hyderabad, Ration Portability is getting a good response. In June 1,02,432, July 1,51,713 and in August 1,79,157 transactions were made through ration portability. In all the ration we will install E-Post machines and introduce portability statewide”. (NSS)