Etela Announces Major Decisions—SC, ST Welfare Schemes

Based on the recommendations of the Committees on SCs and STs,  allocations are proposed for the welfare of SCs and STs in proportion to their population.  It has been decided to constitute Special Development Funds for SC and ST welfare.  In an unprecedented manner, it has been decided to carry forward unspent provisions under SC and ST Special Development Funds to the immediately following next year.


Announcing this during his budget speech in the State Assembly today, Finance Minister Etela Rajender said that these decisions are in sharp contrast to the lack of focus and periodic review of expenditure budgeted under SCSP and TSP and the resultant huge shortfalls in expenditure in the past.  A bill is proposed to be introduced in the State Legislature to give statutory status to these decisions.  It is also proposed to periodically review scheme-wise utilizations of provisions for the welfare of SCs and STs and to place a quarterly report in the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council.  This shows that our Government’s commitment does not end at merely making budgetary provisions for the SC and ST development in proportion to their population,  but extends much beyond to ensuring the utilization  of these provisions.  The provisions proposed under Special Development Fund for SCs and Special Development Fund for STs are Rs.14,375.12 crore and Rs.8,165.88 crore, respectively, he said.


Rajender said the Budget being presented today bears the imprint of our  Chief Minister (KCR) and reflects his concern for the welfare of the poor, creation of income generating avenues and employment for them and to realize the Vision of “Bangaru Telangana’ within the shortest possible time.

Women and Child Welfare


Stating that  the Government has taken a number of measures towards the welfare of the women and children,  he  said that on admission of  pregnant women in a Government Hospital, it was decided to extend an assistance of Rs.4000.  At the time of discharge from Hospital, further assistance of Rs.4000 will be provided.  At the time of vaccination of the child, another Rs.4,000 will be provided.  To those women who give birth to a baby girl, an additional amount of Rs.1,000 will be provided.  Another major decision for the welfare of women and children is to provide a kit named ‘KCR Kit’ consisting of 16 essential items  needed for a new born baby. The amount proposed under this scheme is Rs.605 crore.  The total amount proposed for the welfare of Women and child welfare is Rs.1,731,50 crore in the Budget.


In his speech, Rajender dealt at length on measures relating to  Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes,  Backward Classes, Minorities, Aasara pensions, welfare of Brahmins, Fee reimbursement,  Welfare of Employees and Journalists and Sainik welfare. (NSS)