Etala ridicules Naidu for bowing before Rahul

Hyderabad: Caretaker Minister Etala Rajender today ridiculed TD Chief N Chandrababu Naidu for meeting with Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and bowing before him at the cost of Telugu self-respect. He recalled that while late NTR founded Telugu Desam party to uphold pride of Telugus, Chandrababu Naidu has “backstabbed” late NTR once again.

Rajender said Chandrababu worked against the ideals of late NTR, who fought against the Congress at Delhi level and humbled it. But now the Congress and Telugu Desam parties joined hands and forged unholy alliance with the TJS and CPI, he charged. However, the “Mahakutami” will not have any impact on the people, who are strongly behind the ruling party, he affirmed. Rajendar also said the people were not happy with the unscrupulous Opposition parties and will vote with more enthusiasm for the ruling party for welfare and development, he hoped.

Rajender further charged that Chandrababu Naidu filed many cases against Telangana State and tried to prevent Kaleswharam project and Palamur Ranga Reddy lift irrigation scheme. The people in Telangana are afraid of not getting waters for their crops if the Mahakutami wins the polls, he said. At this juncture, the people are feeling that the Mahakutami will only add to their woes and will stall the projects and progress. Chandrababu, instead of befriending Opposition leaders in Delhi, should set his Amaravathi right, he suggested.