Establish residential schools for Muslims, follow the footstep of KCR: Delhi Muslims tell Kejriwal

New Delhi: An important meeting of Indian Muslim Intellectuals Forum was held at Hotel River View, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi. CM of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejrewal discussed various issues with the Muslim leaders. Mr. Kaleemul Hafeez, a noted social activist and educationist was the convener of the meeting. Famous Islamic thinker, Dr. Salman Asad conducted the meeting. Dr. Rehan Khan Suri of Jamia Millia Islamia delivered the keynote address. On this occasion, Urdu book of Mr. Kaleemul Hafiz titled “Education the only game changer” was released by the CM of Delhi.

Many Muslim leaders told Mr. Kejriwal that if he wants to do something for the Muslims, he should emulate the example of Mr. KCR who has setup a network of residential schools for Minorities in Telangana. He was also requested to elevate colleges to universities, change the status of Ajmal Khan Tibbia College to Unani Medical University.

The speakers appreciated the efforts of the CM especially for launching educational schemes. Since these programs are being setup in areas where Muslim population is less, the Muslims are not able to take advantage of these schemes. They also told that in the General Elections of 2015, Muslims supported AAP and even today, they are with him.

Replying to the address, Mr. Kejriwal highlighted the difficulties his government is facing since it is not enjoying the status of a full-fledged state. He told that his government has done tremendous work in the fields of health, education, electricity and water supply. He promised that he would consider these issues favorably. Mr. Amantullah, Chairman of Delhi Wakf Board and MLA, Ms. Atshi Marlina, Incharge of East Delhi Parliamentary Constituency also addressed the gathering.