Essentials every man should carry

New Delhi: Before heading out, men should ensure that their bag includes a perfume, spray mint, headphones and more.

Ritika Ahuja, Chief Operating Officer Merchandising, Big Boy Toyz, and Vikas Bagaria, Founder and Managing Director, Redcliffe Hygiene Pvt Ltd, have shared a list of must-have items for men.

* A perfume: If you’re just starting out picking a fragrance, find one scent you like. Then build on that. Just don’t bathe in it. Spray a little on your chest and the base of your throat.

* Gym equipment sanitizer spray: With many using the gym equipment for their daily workouts, gyms centres tend to be another area where illness-causing bacteria thrive. Many gyms don’t resort to proper sanitizing methods of the gym machinery, and so, using gym equipment sanitizer spray while gyming on treadmill, bench press, dumb bells, exercise-cycle and leg extension machine can reduce the number of germs to a great level.

* Grooming kit: This is an essential toolkit for a man to stay presentable and perfect. From hairbrush to a trimmer or a mirror, a grooming kit has it all.

* A charger: Most people are dependent on their phones. Drained battery is like a nightmare for everyone, so carrying a charger with you doesn’t only save your phone’s battery but also you.

* A pair of headphones: This is one of the most important things in someone’s life, and if you are a music lover they will become your best friend when you are travelling.

* Spray mint: Bad breath can come unannounced whether you are eating your favourite onion pizza or chicken burger, why not be prepared for that and carry a spray mint?