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Escaping from gang rape woman jumped in front of the moving train

Escaping from gang rape woman jumped in front of  the moving train

Madhya Pradesh: a group of men were trying to rape an 18-year-old woman, she ran to escape out of their hands her father told.

According to Hindustan Times, In Govindpura village of Datia district the woman went to relieve herself near the railway tracks at 5.30am, the village’s two men tried to rape her and she escaped from there but the train hit her on Monday said the father.

Father, Yadav informed the police, “At present, we can’t comment over the reason behind the girl’s death. Police have registered a case and are investigating,” Datia superintendent of police Irshad Wali said.

Police had been informed in various kinds of incidents by the father. Two men were from their area pushed her towards coming train and he also said that the incident had been informed the family by the woman’s aunt who was the eyewitness of the incident.

Yadav said the harassment of girls in the village is common as many of them don’t have toilets.

Under the Swachh Bharat, or Clean India initiative by Modi government many MP government schemes were innovated to stop open defecation and to start building the toilets. Out of 11.2 million households 52% don’t have toilets.

In October, more than two million toilets were built in the State in the last two years and plans to build 5.5 million  in next two years.