Eradicate drug abuse, terrorism, militancy, corruption: Sheikh Hasina to Home Ministry

Dhaka: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Sunday asked the country’s Home Ministry to work towards eradicating drug abuse, terrorism, militancy and the ‘black disease’ of corruption spread by the military dictators who ruled the country in the past.

“If we want to develop the country, we have to free it from drug abuse, terrorism, militancy and corruption… I ask the officials working in this ministry (Home Ministry) to give special attention to these matters,” Dhaka Tribune quoted the Bangladesh Prime Minister.

Targeting previous governments, Hasina said corruption had begun to spread as a “black disease” in society during the reign of the military dictators.

Addressing a views-exchange meeting during her visit to the Home Ministry, Hasina also asked the ministry to use modern technologies to curb crimes and apprehend criminals.

Pointing out that traffic congestions were becoming a major issue in the country, the Prime Minister suggested that people should use footbridges or underpasses and obey traffic rules to avoid traffic accidents. She directed the police to ensure traffic rules are followed.

On January 12, Hasina was sworn in as Prime Minister of Bangladesh for a third consecutive term and her fourth overall. This follows the victory in elections to the 11th parliament which was held on December 29 last year.