Equip college girls with knives, Women’s commission proposes

Vishakhapatnam: A.P. Women’s commission has proposed a plan to distribute knives to college girls so that they could save themselves from molestation, rape and other women related crimes.

The Chairperson of Women’s Commission of A.P, Ms. N. Raj Kumari was overwhelmed with grief after meeting the women victims of rape at Govt. hospital Vishakhapatnam yesterday.

She said that the skin of the rapist should be peeled and they should be paraded in public. She also informed that an enactment is in the pipeline. If men behave like wild beasts and commit atrocities, she thinks that the college girls should be armed with knives for which an act has to be formulated. Police should not put veils on their faces when they are arrested, instead they should be paraded on the roads, kicked and beaten with broomsticks and then taken to police station.

She also suggested that such culprits should be hanged or at least given life sentence.

–Siasat News