Epilepsy drugs may damage your kid’s bones

Washington: Beware! Young people, especially kids and teenagers, taking anti-epileptic drugs may experience elevated rates of bone fractures, finds a recent study.

The research also found that anti-epileptic drugs may cause reductions in bone mineral density and lower limb muscle force.

Researchers analysed 23 individuals aged 5-18 years.

They had been asked to take anti-epileptic drugs for at least 12 months.

Each individual was matched to a twin, sibling or first cousin.

“These results need to be validated in a larger, longitudinal study investigating the association between anti-epileptic drug exposure and adverse outcomes in the developing skeleton over time,” the researchers stated.

The findings suggested the need to further explore bone health issues in young patients taking anti-epileptic medications.

The research appears in the journal Epilepsia. (ANI)