Entry for women to Prophet’s grave under study

Jeddah: Many appeals have been made by the members of the Shoura Council for easier access for women to the Prophet’s grave (Rawdah Al-Jannah) in Madinah.

A keen study has been done by the team of engineers and architects on how to expand the area so that the Women access to Rawdah Al-Jannah become easy.

Women Shoura members stated that there was not enough time and space assigned for women compared to the men. They also said despite several efforts to allow women to pray in the area in peace, the space and time allocated were not enough.

“One cannot deny efforts have been made to regulate access for women to the Rawdah Al-Jannah, but we need to deal with the problem in a new way. It is very obvious the current organization is not sufficient or effective.”said Wafa Tebah, a Shoura member.

Abdul Haq Al-Oqbi, head of engineering at the Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques Endowment project, said,“There are plans to create more space around the Rawdah to allow women to visit the place all year … taking into consideration their safety and security as a priority,” he added a team of experts visited the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah to see what could be done.

A proposal has been forwarded by Anas bin Saleh Serafi, a member of the Saudi Society for Urban Affairs, to the authorities in Madinah on how to improve the situation, which includes seven different engineering plans.