Entertainment Industry very much competitive and challenging: Dev Paimal

Dev Paimal, fitness model and winner of MR. India (TOP MODEL) feels being fit is important for the individuals who choose a career in the entertainment or modeling industry but above all being healthy and fit should be the duty of anyone and everyone. He also said that the industry is very much competitive and challenging.

“We are committed to eating healthy and staying in shape; otherwise, we won’t succeed in a competitive and challenging industry that constantly want us to look great. But on the other hand, I feel there’s no need to become a star athlete for agencies to notice you, but you should put yourself out there, and focus on taking good care of your body. A career in the modeling business is all about how you present yourself. The secret is to be fit and happy,” Dev said in his statement.

He also said apart from all the basic to succeed in any industry is “Discipline”

Talking ahead he shared, “If your goal in life is to become a model, you have to be disciplined. This means you should be ready to make some sacrifices. You’ll start living the life of a professional athlete, meaning that focusing on proper dieting and exercise is fundamental. Keep a food and exercise journal, and track your progress. This will also help you boost performance when working out. Make time to relax every day, and spend time meditating, or doing activities that make you feel good inside out which is very important.”