Enter every financial transaction in FMS: Anand orders officials

Civil Supplies Commissioner C.V. Anand has directed his department officials to compulsorily enter day-to-day financial transactions in Financial Management System (FMS), which allows officials to view them online together at one place. “We introduced FMS software so that officials can view every single transaction, but some of the members were not following this and not entering the details. If this situation continues, we will not hesitate to suspend the officials concerned”, he warned.

The Commissioner held a review meeting with District Managers, Assistant Managers on Tuesday at Civil Supplies Bhavan. They discussed about finance, internal audit, MLS points, LPG, Reconciliation at Petrol Bunks, PDS, Marketing and on Rabi Action Plan. The Commissioner said the district officials should spend any amount with permission from the Head Office. It came in light that some of the officials were flouting the order. He warned that such dealings will not be tolerated and strict action would be taken against the defaulters.

The Commissioner said for purchasing furniture or any other item, appointing outsourcing employees should be done with permission from Head Office. The district offices should cut short their expenses, he clarified. Special checks, accounts, transport and godowns should be more intense, whereas it was not coming into practice. From now, every district manager should make special checks at MLS points, Buffer godowns and godown reconciliation should be immediately completed, he added.

Anand said every month similar meetings will be conducted with District Managers, Assistant Managers (Technical) and DCSOs. If necessary, funds should to taken from Head Office and taking funds unnecessarily and parking them in banks will leave financial burden on the Department and every officer should keep this in mind, he cautioned. (NSS)