‘Ensure smooth functioning of Government’says JD(S) to Congress

Bengaluru: With 2019 general elections ahead, things do not seem to run smoothly within Congress party while opposition saffron party is playing wisely.

After the video of former Congress Legislature Leader Siddamaiah expressing his unhappiness in a meeting with party leaders over the cabinet voting for CM HD Kumaraswamy to present the Budget went viral, JD(s) has asked Congress to ensure smooth functioning of the Government by following the ‘Coalition Dharma’, Banglore Mirror reported.

JD(S) told voices of dissent from Congress side would only have an adverse effect on the party ahead of General elections.

JD(S) national general secretary Danish Ali spoke to the Congress leaders and asked the party heads to reign in their leaders, particularly Siddaramaiah, to avoid any issues that could possibly put the coalition government in a fix.

Ali also said that he discussed JD(S) concerns with Sonia Gandhi’s political secretary Ahmed Patel and AICC general secretary in charge of Congress affairs in Karnataka KC Venugopal.

“Since it is their (Congress) problem, they should put their house in order,” Ali told.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi and the Cabinet have backed for Kumaraswamy presenting the budget which he would do on July 5, the JD(S) leader said and what Siddamaiah said was his personal opinion within the closed doors.

He added, “I reminded them of the larger goal behind forging an alliance and forming this government in Karnataka. Congress leaders too agreed and promised that everything will be settled.”

“There will be no trouble from our side,” the JD(S) leader told Venugopal and Patel expecting a similar response from the Congress too.

These voices of dissent from within the party will only weaken the government and would strengthen the BJP, Ali said.