Enquiry must be made into RSS’ military goals, Bhagwat’s remark exposes party’s secret agenda

New Delhi: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s controversial remark that, while Indian Army would take up to 6-7 months to prepare for war, they can do it in 3 days, has sparked controversy.

Welfare Party of India and Popular Front of India has termed the remark as worrisome and unfortunate. They demanded an enquiry into the RSS’s military goads. Bhagwat claimed that “Ours is not a military organisation. But we have discipline like the military. If the country needs it and the Constitution permits… it takes six or seven months to prepare an Army… swayamsewaks, if asked, can do it in three days… this is what we are capable of.”

National president of Welfare Party of India Dr Qasim Rasool Ilyas said RSS chief’s remark is not only insulting to the army but also exposes RSS’ secret agenda. Earlier also members of RSS were accused of terrorism, extremism and violence, now RSS chief himself has admitted they are capable of that.

Dr Ilyas said RSS’ key members were accused in some major terrorist incidents. We demand an apology by Mohan Bhagwat on this shameful remark and government through its secret agencies must find out whether the party is secretly preparing armed military.

Chairman Popular Front of India E Abubakr said for Mohan Bhagwat his party is more than India. These are not the ordinary words but mirrors the real mindset of RSS. He said, in fact, more than praising his party Mohan Bhagwat has insulted the army. While the army is fighting against foreign enemies, RSS is fighting against citizens. It has developed hostility against Dalits, religious minorities and secular people.