Enquiry Commission constituted to look into irregularities in MANUU

Siasat has been exposing irregularities in Maulana Azad National Urdu University for the past several years but its impact seems to be felt now. University Vice Chancellor Dr. Mohammed Aslam Parvaiz has announced enquiry into some irregularities.

The Enquiry Commission has been constituted under the chairmanship of Prof. Mohammed Sulaiman Siddiqui to look into the installation and purchase of Wi-Fi, Wi-Maz and University Website, Manipal Press related issues.

Prof. I B Ram Prasad Rao and Prof. P S N Reddy are members. Committee will submit the report to the Vice chancellor after conducting a detailed enquiry. Prof. Suleman Siddiqui and his team has begun enquiry and sought the related files from the university officials.

It must be noted that Siasat exposed all such irregularities on frequent intervals which was repeatedly denied by the former vice chancellor and his henchmen.

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