Enjoy a fresh and clean Diwali season with HiCare’s services

Mumbai: It’s that time of the year again where you might need India’s leading pest control and home hygiene brand HiCare the most.

Diwali is approaching and all those tedious home cleanings and preparing can be done by the experts, rather than slogging it out yourself once again. They say help should be taken where it’s available and why not, especially since HiCare is the best in the business.

HiCare has a range of home cleaning and deep cleaning services that keep evolving thanks to the research and development team which always helps us get better. All you need to do is give a call on 8828333888 and our customer-friendly hotline will guide you through the process of booking a home-cleaning and pest control services.

HiCare team has been working tirelessly and effortlessly to bring about technological advances and that’s HiCare were able to launch an Alexa skill last year during Diwali. What that meant is that users can now just say, ‘Alexa, Open HiCare’ and initiate the same process using their Echo Dot devices. Alternately, you can check out these packages on the official website as well.

Diwali is back again, and this festival of lights happens to be the biggest holiday of the year for us in India. People have waited months for this time to arrive and now that it’s near, the preparations have begun.

The biggest of these preparations is getting your home ready for potential guests, visitors, and family that will be coming home. Of course, let’s not forget we have to welcome our dearest deity Lord Rama as well.

HiCare gives you the chance to avail of the best pest control and home cleaning services and the most economical prices because WE CARE! Don’t bother putting in all those hours of hard work and sweat and concentrate on other aspects of life this Diwali.

You can choose from our advanced cockroach pest control service to deep cleaning, kitchen, and bathroom cleaning too this Diwali, and throughout the year too!

“HiCare always strives to bring out the best in pest control and overall home hygiene services. Our home hygiene services have been the top in the market for years. We’ve always improved and given the best to our loyal customers”, said Joydeep Sarkar, COO, HiCare Services Pvt Ltd.

“Diwali is a time for rejoicing and we don’t want people to waste days and weeks in home cleaning. Instead, call us and we’ll give you a sparkling clean home in a matter of hours. A clean home is a healthy home and that’s what HiCare specializes in. Your kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, sofas, mattresses and everything will be taken care of by our experts!” he added.

For home cleaning, our bestselling service has been the deep cleaning package and kitchen pest control over the years. It includes everything from advanced cockroach control, deep cleaning every nook and corner of your home to be Diwali ready.

What’s better is that HiCare offers the most competitive rates in the market, with services beginning at just Rs 3,599, with a further discount of 10 percent available if you make an online payment. HiCare also has EMI options and you can book this service by calling 8828333888 or checking out the official website. Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali 2019!