England’s Leicester city to host National Samosa Week

New Delhi [India]: If there can be events and days dedicated to pies, chocolates and cheese, why can’t we celebrate the lip-smacking samosa?

A National Samosa Week has been launched in England’s Leicester city to create an awareness about South Asian food and culture.

Organised by the Leicester Curry Awards, the event – which is set to take place from April 9 to 13 – has been launched with the aim to encourage everyone to try, taste and enjoy these savoury bundles of joy.

Romail Gulzar, Founder of the awards, said, “There’s a national food event for everything, from burgers to beer, so why not samosas? The savoury dish has grown in popularity and for many people in the South Asian community, eating one is like the equivalent of having tea and cake.”

To launch the event in April, the organisers in Leicester will be setting up a pop-up shop in a city centre venue and encouraging people to buy, eat and sell as many samosas as they can. (ANI)