Energy drinks consumption linked to smoking

Weekly consumption of sports drinks and energy drinks among teens is linked to higher consumption of other sugar-sweetened beverages, cigarette smoking, and screen media use, said a study.

Sports and energy drink consumption should be addressed as part of a clustering of unhealthy behaviours among some adolescents, the researchers noted.

“Among boys, weekly sports drink consumption was significantly associated with higher TV viewing,” said Nicole Larson of University of Minnesota in the US.

Boys who regularly consumed sports drinks spent about one additional hour per week watching television compared with boys who consumed sports drinks less than once per week.

Those who consumed energy drinks at least weekly spent approximately four additional hours per week playing video games compared to those who consumed energy drinks less than once per week.

The study involved 2,793 adolescents in the US.

The high caffeine content of energy drinks, as well as the high sugar and calorie content of many sports and energy drinks, has drawn much concern from health professionals.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, energy drinks should not be consumed because they offer no benefit and increase risks for over-stimulation of the nervous system.IANS