End of 400-year-old ‘curse’: Mysuru royal couple blessed with a baby boy

Mysuru: Celebrations in the Mysuru royal family as the Maharaja Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar and his wife, Trishika Kumari Singh blessed with a baby boy.

The birth of a baby on Wednesday has broken that 400-year-old curse that Wadiyar will never have a natural heir to the family.

The legend has it that in 1612, Queen Alamelamma – the wife of a Vijayanagara king was unhappy the way Raja Wadiyar I took over Mysore after dethroning her ailing husband King Tirumalaraja.

According to historians, the wife of the outgoing king took all the royal ornaments that belonged to her and her family and tried to escaped to Talakadu.

When Wadiyar’s soldiers come to retrieve the jewels she committed suicide by jumping into the River Cauvery river cursing the Wadiyars to an heirless future.

She had uttered: Talakadu Maralagali, Malangi Maduvagali, Wodeyar doreyarige makkalagadirali (May Talakadu be filled with sand and become a barren land/ May Malangi – that stretch of the river – turn into a whirlpool/ may the Wodeyars never have children).

It seems that legend is very much alive even in this day and age.

Historian Dr A. Veerappa said, “If we take a scientific view, there is no scope for a curse. But if you observe the Wadiyar family tree, six rulers since the 17th century have been adopted sons (nephews). The Wadiyars too acknowledge it as fact.”

Its over six decades that the royal family has given birth to an heir, reported The New Indian Express (TNIE).

According to TNIE, the last time, the royal family celebrated the birth of Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar was in February 1953.

Trishika, who belongs to a royal family of Rajasthan tie the nuptial knot with Yaduveer, now the 27th “King” of Wadiyar dynasty in June 27 2016. The healthy baby born to the royal couple on Wednesday in Cloudnine Hospital, Bengaluru is the 28th heir in the family.