Enactment for Muslim and Scheduled Tribes reservations

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana has started preparations for the enactment of legislation for enhancement of reservations for Muslims and Scheduled Tribes. It is understood that Govt. had desired the legal experts to offer their opinions. It is reported that some senior IAS officers and TRS leaders have opposed clubbing the reservations of Muslims and Scheduled Tribes which may result in failure.


It may be mentioned that Govt. had made a promise to the Muslims and Scheduled Tribes to enhance their reservations to 12%. Opinions have already been sought from BCs and STs Commissions. Both these commissions recommended the Government that if the reservations are enhanced to 9%, legal and constitutional complications could be avoided. In both the cases, the reservations would cross 50% ceiling earmark by the Supreme Court. Govt. has to seek the help of constitution for amending it.


–Siasat News