Emirates: After Shikhar Dhawan, ex-England cricketer Kevin Pietersen faces inconvenience

Dubai: Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen slammed Emirates after airlines misplaced his luggage.

According to the report published in DC, after the incident, he tweeted, “1. YOU FORGET TO PICK ME UP FOR MY FLIGHT. 2. YOU’VE JUST LEFT ALL MY LUGGAGE IN DUBAI. How do I work on international TV in a few hours with no clothes?”. However, he deleted the tweet later.

He also tweeted, “The @emirates credit card ran out when I went to the socks counter…!
Gutted, but got some decent get up!”.


It is also reported that Pietersen was travelling from the UK to Melbourne via Dubai for the ongoing Big Bash League, an annual T20 league in Australia.

It may be mentioned that earlier, Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan had accused the Emirates Airline of “unprofessional” behaviour and alleged that the Airline stopped his family from boarding the connecting flight from Dubai en route Cape Town.

He tweeted, “Absolutely unprofessional from @emirates. Was on my way 2 SA with my fam & was told tht my wife and kids can’t board the flight from Dubai to SA. Was asked to produce birth certificates & other documents fr my kids at the airport which we obviously didn’t have at that moment.”

In response, Emirate Airline issued clarification.