Emirates passenger disappointed with the airline’s service, shares experience

Dubai: Emirates Airline which is famous for its services faces criticism. A passenger wrote a letter to the airline complaining quality of the food.

According to the report published in Independent, the passenger was angry over Cajun Chicken Sandwich which was served on the flight.

The passenger who is identified as Paul Carlin was traveling from Dublin to Dubai.

Sharing his experience, Mr. Paul said that the sandwich had a piece of processed cheese and a very small piece of chicken in the middle. He further said that despite paying thousands of dollars, the airline has provided poor food. Later, Mr. Paul registered a complaint with the airline.

Talking to media person, an Emirates spokesperson said that the airline is looking into the matter.

Emirates which is one of the world’s best airlines had grabbed the 6th position in AirlineRatings.com’s 2019 rankings.