Emirates issues clarifying statement regarding job cuts

Dubai: Following Bloomberg report about dozens of Emirates Airline employees being laid off, as the Airlines planned to move to streamline operations, Emirates has issued a statement clarifying it has “no program to reduce headcount”.

Previously, Bloomberg reported the Airline reducing its employee’s scale from all departments from cabin crew to security personnel including administration and IT employees as well since reports of employees laid off surfaced in past few weeks.

Emirates spokesperson in a statement stated the hiring for important positions will continue saying “there is no change in staff turnover rates in the past few weeks.”

“We continuously review all areas of our operations as part of good business practice, including department structures and roles. This is no different from previous years” the spokesperson said.

Calling attention to 103,000 employees currently working with the airlines, he said “Recruit has slowed down as we streamline our operations, introduce new technologies, and find ways to better deploy existing resources internally” adding “However, we continue to hire for critical roles”.

Recently after the US Department has issued notifications on the ban on travelers, several Gulf airlines have been forced to make changes.

Emirates, last year, reported its first annual profit drop since 2012 and to raise the same has started charging for seat selection and introducing fees for airport lounges, all to raise the revenue.

Etihad Airways has reportedly laid off its employees as a part of the organization’s restructuring, sources reported.