Emirates to discontinue ‘Hindu meal’ option

Dubai [United Arab Emirates]: Emirates Airlines announced that it has decided to discontinue the ‘Hindu meal’ option.

In an official statement, the Dubai-based airline said the decision to withdraw the above-mentioned option from its in-flight menu was taken following a review of the onboard products and services.

“As part of our continuous review of the products and services available to customers, Emirates can confirm that it will discontinue the Hindu meal option. We constantly review our offering, taking into consideration customer uptake and feedback. This helps us improve service efficiencies,” the statement read.

However, the airline said that Hindu passengers would still be able to choose from a variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian regionally-inspired meals.

Emirates is also providing meal options catering to a number of health and dietary requirements.

For its vegetarian travellers, Emirates would offer a number of meal options such as Vegetarian Jain Meal, Indian Vegetarian Meal, Kosher meal and Non-Beef non-vegetarian options as well. (ANI)