Eminent personalities to form pressure group to fight divisive forces

Hyderabad: Intellectuals, religious leaders, educationists and social leaders have unanimously agreed to have a pressure group across the country and at regional level, to fight the divisive forces and forces that are damaging the constitution of the country.

The meeting was attended by noted social leader Dr Prakash Ambedkar, Jamiatul Ulama General Secretary Mahmood Madani, Lingayat community leader Basava Raja Pattadarya Maha Swami, Prof Kancha Ilaiah, Gaddar, Zaheeruddin ali khan and others participated in the discussion.


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Giving the keynote address of the discussion, Lingayat community leader Basavaraja Pattadarya Maha Swamy Galu said that it was surprising for him to attend a meeting to discuss save democracy and constitution.

He said that it was saddening to see that communal forces were getting elected and trying to divide people on the social lines. He expressed his hope that India will stand united against the divisive tactics of the communal forces and constitution will rule the country.

India is a country of different castes, religions, cultures and constitution is uniting everyone here.

Grandson of Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar and noted social leader Prakash Ambedkar on this occasion said that there was need to work for exposing the reality behind the ‘good image’ of this government.

He said, “Modi government is corrupt but its image is still non-corrupt, which is very sad. We have to work to decode this. We can do this by exposing the financial scams of this government.”

He advocated creating an ambience of unity and tranquillity across the country so that secular persons also join the movement for saving constitution.

Mahmood Madani on this occasion said that Muslims in India were not against the majority community but people who divide the society on the lines of religion and caste.

He said that members of Jamiatul Ulma e Hind across the country will stand with SC, ST, OBC, Dalits and other oppressed communities in fight against any discrimination, atrocity. He said that there will be another meeting to discuss the nitty-gritty of the common forum of all social groups very soon.

Jamate Islami Telangana head Hamid Mohammed Khan said that every institution in the country was collapsed. He said that central government was now trying to usurp the fixed deposits of the people in banks. Country is on the verge of educational collapse and democracy was leading toward mobocracy.

Noted social reformist Gaddar said that imperialist forces were dominating across the globe and Hindu Imperialist Fascists joined hands with them. He observed that there was a global conspiracy to create artificial political crisis in the country to cash in on the situation for implementing their hidden agenda.

Prof Kacha Ilaiah on this occasion said that there was a need to work on long term and short term goals. He complained that there was a lacking in any social connect between Muslims and Dalits and this has facilitated the communal forces to create enmity among them.

He appreciated the efforts of Kerala Muslim community for adapting the local culture, language and conventions to form good relations with other communities. He advocated for a common educational institution.

Noted scholar Khalid Saifullah Rahmani said that only few people were trying to create tension among different communities and majority of Hindus were peaceful and secular. He said that only occasional unity will not work out but it must be done from ground level.

He advocated that efforts must be made to write history books for schools of Muslim managements and other social groups in order to give the right account of history to the children.

Prof P L Vishweshwar said that people were on the crossroads but not BJP and RSS. He said that Hindutva forces were clear about their roadmap and they do not have any respect towards judiciary, legislature and other institutions of democracy. He said that situation in the country would be worse in coming days.

Manisha Bhangar, vice president People’s Party of India said that most of the institutions of democracy were occupied by only 3 per cent upper caste. High handedness in this country is by a particular community but not by a system.

Stating that unity between Muslims, Dalits and other oppressed communities can create magic in the politics of the state, G Vinod Kumar said that feudal forces were dominating Osmania Universities now.

Jamiatul Ulama President Telangana and AP Hafiz Peer Shabbir on this occasion said that efforts have been made to interact with other social groups and do best to strengthen the ties in order to safeguard the constitutional rights of the people.

G Shankar, Tejawat Balaiah Naik and other scholars advocated for long term attachment among Muslim organizations, SC, ST, OBCs and Dalits across the country.

Kaki Madhava Rao, former chief secretary advocated for the formation of a pressure group involving SC, ST, BC, Muslims and other oppressed communities.

Members of Jamiatul Ulama from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilanadu, Andhra Pradesh and others attended the event.