Embattled Trump’s manoeuvres leave chaos in their wake

Boston: As President, Donald Trump comes with an in built Sui generis, master of four dimensional chess, he has now stated that he will take the fight to the enemy camp by suing Congress which is at the centrifuge of the pincer attack on him. Equally, President Trump seems to be unifying his Republican electorate base closing ranks against the Dem interlopers in a rapidly polarised American society.

Negotiation and concession presented to an opportunist like Trump with a credible threat is a dangerous thing is the general impression here about the President and his manoeuvres.

Here in Boston, the general sense on the Trump inner circle is that nobody shoots inside a tank, an analogy to personal attorney Rudy Giuliani’s shenanigans. Despite all this, Trump has understood that his WASP support base is more or less intact while the Dems are split down the middle in the main Bernie Sanders recently recovering from a heart attack and co Dem presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren who simply aren’t on the same page.

Trump knows that three of his principal opposing candidates – Bernie Sanders socialist, capitalist Elizabeth Warren and centrist Joe Biden – are themselves a house divided. Ergo, he is lashing out at them collectively and individually.

Emergent stories and evidence however, is muddying the waters. As visual optics and atmospherics become more and more dominant, politico.com for instance reported – A photograph of President Donald Trump posing with a recently indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani was posted online in April 2014, two years prior to what had been their first known interaction.

In the photo, Trump and Lev Parnas stand shoulder to shoulder, smiling at the camera at what appears to be an outdoor nighttime event. Trump wears a white, Trump-branded cap and white shirt under a jacket. Parnas wears a royal blue collared shirt. The circumstances of the meeting captured in the photograph remain unclear…

Trump has sought to distance himself from Parnas, the Florida businessman at the center of a ballooning scandal over illicit foreign influence in his administration and, more broadly, the American political system. But the photograph and post provide further evidence that the two men are more closely tied than Trump has let on.

Other Facebook posts by Jaros around that time describe Parnas as a business partner. Jaros does not reveal the nature of their work together, but on March 14, 2014, he posted, “three letters llc!!!!!!!!!!!!” on his Facebook page. May 28, 2014, he posted, “two words foreign investments!!!!!!!!!!!!” on his Facebook page. On May 22, he posted, “i was told today some people i deal with have 300 million in dong in their possession.”

A year later, on May 12, 2015, he posted a photo of Parnas sitting in the backseat of a Rolls Royce with the caption, “the big homie, okk, one call and bammm!!!!!!”

With exposes, new disclosures and a bitter Left versus Right joust taking place, the Washington maelstrom gets curiouser and curiouser.