Elephant Rajani becomes restless during Bibi ka Alam procession

Hyderabad: Panic prevailed during Bibi-ka-Alam procession, when the elephant Rajani became restless. However the mahout managed to calm her down. No one was injured in the incident.

Rajani arrived at Purani Haveli from the Nehru zoo at about 12.30 pm. She was uneasy since then. As soon as the alam was brought out of the ashoorkhana and handed over to the alambardar to be mounted atop the elephant, the elephant began trumpeting and started walking forward. However the pachyderm was brought under control and the procession continued peacefully.

Members of the Shia community proceeded through Shaikh Faiz Kaman, Yaqutpura road, Etebar Chowk, Alijah Kotla, Charminar, Gulzar Houz, Panjesha, Mandi Mir Alam, Darushifa and Chaderghat while performing matam. Sherbat, juices and food were distributed along the way.