Elephant attacks moving car; six injured

Kannada: An elephant attacked a moving car at Kidu near Bilinele in Subramanya of Dakshina Kannada district, on Saturday leaving six injured. The family had a miraculous escape when their vehicle was hit in the middle with its trunk.

Prabhu Kumar, an agriculturist, along with his family was going on a pilgrimage. Recalling the incident, Prabhu Kumar said, “Around 7 am, a car overtook us two minutes before the attack, and missed the elephant by just a few seconds. The elephant, which was crossing the road, felt stuck and started moving towards the car. The car was parked near a light pole for the elephant to cross the road.”

In order to give way to the pachyderm, the driver started reversing the car. The elephant, which was frightened, reached the vehicle and hit the middle of the car with his trunk. One of the women sustained minor injuries, while the driver had hurt his hand as the steering was crushed by the tusker.