Electrical & Electrician Engineer

O2 Run System
2 – 8 years
Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Job Description


Job Duties –

1) Confer with engineers, customers, and others to discuss existing or potential engineering projects and products.
2) Design, implement, maintain, and improve electrical instruments, equipment, facilities, components, products, and systems for commercial, industrial, and domestic purposes.
3) Operate computer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment to perform engineering tasks.
4) Direct and coordinate manufacturing, construction, installation, maintenance, support, documentation, and testing activities to ensure compliance with specifications, codes, and customer requirements.
5) Perform detailed calculations to compute and establish manufacturing, construction, and installation standards and specifications.
6) Inspect completed installations and observe operations, to ensure conformance to design and equipment specifications and compliance with operational and safety standards.
7) Plan and implement research methodology and procedures to apply principles of electrical theory to engineering projects.
8) Prepare specifications for purchase of materials and equipment.
9) Supervise and train project team members as necessary.
10) Investigate and test vendors’ and competitors’ products.
11) Oversee project production efforts to assure projects are completed satisfactorily, on time and within budget.
12) Prepare and study technical drawings, specifications of electrical systems, and topographical maps to ensure that installation and operations conform to standards and customer requirements.
13) Investigate customer or public complaints, determine nature and extent of problem, and recommend remedial measures.
14) Plan layout of electric power generating plants and distribution lines and stations.
15) Assist in developing capital project programs for new equipment and major repairs.
16) Develop budgets, estimating labor, material, and construction costs.
17) Compile data and write reports regarding existing and potential engineering studies and projects.
18) Collect data relating to commercial and residential development, population, and power system interconnection to determine operating efficiency of electrical systems.
19) Conduct field surveys and study maps, graphs, diagrams, and other data to identify and correct power system problems.


Job Duties –

1) Assemble, install, test, and maintain electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus, and fixtures, using hand tools and power tools.
2) Diagnose malfunctioning systems, apparatus, and components, using test equipment and hand tools, to locate the cause of a breakdown and correct the problem.
3) Connect wires to circuit breakers, transformers, or other components.
4) Inspect electrical systems, equipment, and components to identify hazards, defects, and the need for adjustment or repair, and to ensure compliance with codes.
5) Advise management on whether continued operation of equipment could be hazardous.
6) Test electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures, using testing devices such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, and oscilloscopes, to ensure compatibility and safety of system.
7) Maintain current electrician’s license or identification card to meet governmental regulations.
8) Plan layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures, based on job specifications and local codes.
9) Direct and train workers to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures.
10) Prepare sketches or follow blueprints to determine the location of wiring and equipment and to ensure conformance to building and safety codes.
11) Use a variety of tools and equipment such as power construction equipment, measuring devices, power tools, and testing equipment including oscilloscopes, ammeters, and test lamps.
12) Install ground leads and connect power cables to equipment, such as motors.
13) Perform business management duties such as maintaining records and files, preparing reports and ordering supplies and equipment.
14) Repair or replace wiring, equipment, and fixtures, using hand tools and power tools.
15) Work from ladders, scaffolds, and roofs to install, maintain or repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures.
16) Place conduit (pipes or tubing) inside designated partitions, walls, or other concealed areas, and pull insulated wires or cables through the conduit to complete circuits between boxes.
17) Construct and fabricate parts, using hand tools and specifications.
18) Fasten small metal or plastic boxes to walls to house electrical switches or outlets.
19) Perform physically demanding tasks, such as digging trenches to lay conduit and moving and lifting heavy objects.
20) Provide preliminary sketches and cost estimates for materials and services.
21) Provide assistance during emergencies by operating floodlights and generators, placing flares, and driving needed vehicles.

Industry Type : IT – Software Services
Functional Area : Engineering


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