Electoral reforms necessary to curb black money: Modi

New Delhi: Electoral reforms are necessary if the country is to be rid of black money, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said.

Modi said ending perpetual election cycle in the country is an important component of electoral reforms but it can only be through a broad consensus.

“Electoral reforms are necessary if the country has to be rid of black money. It is one of the areas for electoral reforms. I believe the Prime Minister cannot take a decision on this, nor should he do that. There should be a broad discussion,” Modi told TimesNow news channel.

Modi said politicians cutting across party lines have started feeling that parliamentary and assembly elections should be held together.

“During a casual discussion over dinner, a leader not from the BJP said: ‘Modi ji, do anything but get us out of this unending cycle of elections’. Hence I said discussion should happen,” the Prime Minister said.

“This issue has also been discussed in a parliamentary committee. This work has also been started by the Election Commission. This issue of elections is also connected to the black money,” he added.

Modi said there should also be a debate on how costs can be reduced by holding simultaneous elections, how the influence of black money can be curbed and how five years can be spent in taking the country forward.

“At present, when the model code of conduct comes into force, even those areas where it is not applicable suffer,” the Prime Minister said.