Elect MBT candidates for redressal of public grievances: Amjadullah Khan Khaled

Majlis Bachao Tahreek candidate Mr. Amjadullah Khan Khaled and Mrs. Asma Khatoon’s campaign has reached to its peak. Amjadullah Khaled appealed voters of Azampura ward especially ladies to vote in favour of his wife Asma Khatoon and elect her as corporator so that she can continue the developmental works initiated by him in the past.

Mr. Amjadullah Khan was addressing the election public meeting of MBT in front of St. Lawrence School, Chanchalguda. He claimed that he had made exemplary development in Azampura division and brought prosperity in the houses of the ward. He revealed that since the ward has been reserved for women candidate, his wife was contesting from the ward and he himself was contesting from Akbar Bagh ward. He appealed the voters of Azampura ward to vote in favour of his wife Asma Khatoon.

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