Eid spirit and communal harmony alive in Hyderabad’s Aghapura

Hyderabad: In the midst of a communal climate further worsened by solely scapegoating Muslims for the coronavirus, Hyderabad’s Aghapura area has kept the spirit of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood alive. Hindus of the locality distributed the traditional sevaaiyaan and ration kits to their Muslim brethren and the neighborhood’s residents.

People were standing in a queue maintaining distance from one another as they were waiting their turn to be served with food and ration.

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During a time where there are concentrated aggressive efforts to polarise communities in Telangana, this act of charity and festivity amidst an already watered-down Eid. While there have been some stories of certain communal incidents during this lockdown, Hyderabad is still known for its Ganga-Jamuna tehzeeb.

Much like Muslims in Muslims stepped up to feed migrant workers  Madhya Pradesh and the Mata Vaishno Devi shrine in Jammu fed Sehri to Muslims, the Hindus of Aghapura have too followed suit.