Eid passed off peacefully; hats off to peace-loving countrymen

This year Eid-ul Azha coincided with the Hindu festival Kanwar Yatra. It must be noted that open sale of the meat is banned on the route of the yatra. Communal elements were leaving no stone unturned to disrupt peace of the country. Many messages and tweets were making rounds which were instilling fear that communal clashes may happen at many places during the festival of sacrifice.

But thank God! The Eid was celebrated with peace in the entire country and no case of untoward incident was reported. Though communal elements tried to disrupt peace in a couple of cities but the situation was averted due to police vigilance and timely action.

There is no report from any city regarding miscreants stopping Muslims from slaughtering or shifting cattle. Peace-loving citizens of the country are worthy of praise that they are making all efforts to maintain peace and brotherhood in the country and are foiling nefarious plans of communal forces.