This Eid, book bakra on WhatsApp

Hyderabad: Social media permeates virtually every aspect of a person’s life. This Baqra’eid you can even book your sacrificial sheep or ram on WhatsApp. Traders will talk to you on phone, send you pictures of the ‘product’ and even deliver the sheep at your doorstep.

Many educated youngsters are taking up this week-long seasonal business to make some quick money. They are using innovative ways for their business. While some are striking deals on WhatsApp, some have logged onto e-commerce portals like to sell sacrificial sheep.

Sheep and ram can not only purchased through WhatsApp, they can also be purchased online via website. The number of competitors is growing every year. As reported by TT, Animal Husbandry officials estimate that every Baqra’eid in Hyderabad sees more than four lakh sheep and rams sold just in a week, which could mean a business of about Rs.250 crore.