Egyptian forces kill 25 Islamist militants in Sinai

Cairo: Egyptian Army and police forces killed 25 Islamist militants during clashes in north Sinai in the last two days, The joint forces also dismantled 39 explosive devices and arrested 15 suspects in the province, the report said, while destroying several hideouts of explosives and seven tons of cannabis.
In September, the Egyptian Army started a comprehensive anti-terror operation in the north of the peninsula.
The army said hundreds of militants have been killed during the ongoing operation.
On October 7, it launched the second stage of the operation, dubbed Martyr’s Right.
Egypt has been witnessing anti-government attacks that have left hundreds of police and army personnel dead or injured since the downfall of president Mohammed Morsi in July 2013 after protests against his rule.
Most of the anti-state attacks were claimed by the “Sinai State, ” an Islamic militant group based in Sinai and affiliated with the Islamic State (IS) group.