Egyptian court rejects deal to transfer Red Sea islands with Saudi Arabia

Cairo: Amid of the protests over the deal, between Saudi Arabia and Egypt in connection of two islands Tiran and Sanafir that was transferred in April, during a visit by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman. An Egyptian court, on Tuesday declared that the islands would remain under Egyptian sovereignty.

Judge Yehia el-Dakroury rejected the government’s border deal with Saudi Arabia to hand over two strategic Red Sea islands to the Gulf nation.

The deal has sparked an outcry from many Egyptians activists. More than 150 people were jailed. A huge rally was carried out on April 25 to protest against the government’s deal.

The protesters accused the government of selling the islands in return for a multi-billion dollar aid package unveiled by King Salman during his visit.

The Tuesday’s verdict annulling April’s maritime borders agreement between Cairo and Riyadh brought Cheers in the court, chanting “the islands are Egyptian”.

The Egyptian government had described the deal as “an important achievement that will make the two countries benefit economically”.The deal was designed to coincide with a bridge joining Saudi Arabia to the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh.