Egg freezing gains popularity in India

New Delhi [India]: With the development of society and changing trends in India, women are becoming more career conscious instead of settling down at a young age.

In this scenario, egg freezing has given a new hope to many women who think of planning a family at a later stage.

“Hundreds of clinics have come up in India with an option of Egg Freezing. These clinics offer counseling to people before opting for this process, give them plenty of clinical information, and help the couple to deal with mental health wobbles,” says Dr. Rita Bakshi, International Fertility Centre.

“Another reason for popularity is the packages that are being offered to people for egg retrieval, storing of eggs and drugs which is a lot cheaper than the normal cost. The cost of package is around 4 Lakh where as the whole process without package costs around 10 Lakh,” she added.

International celebrities like Kim Kardashain and Sofia Vergara and ex-miss India world Diana Haydon have attracted people’s attention and have set an example for the Indian society.

Diana Haydon, who has delivered a baby at the age of 42, froze her eggs eight years ago. Recently, there was a report that Parveen Dusanj (wife of Kabir Bedi) froze her eggs a few years ago and now the couple is planning to start a family.

In 2014, technology conglomerates Apple and Facebook announced that they will pay for the egg freezing process of their women employees and took the decision to attract more female employees and to maintain their retention rates so that they may have prolonged careers. It was an employment perk that many women were ready to take.

Though in India, this concept will take some time to develop due to social stigma but as the country is progressing, women are getting opportunities to work. The developing work culture has led to the gaining popularity of egg freezing. Women who are conscious enough about their careers and also about their bodies are giving a thought about freezing of eggs.

The procedure has caught attention in the last two-three years. High profile people and people who are ready to spend amount on their future families are now going for egg freezing. Egg freezing is giving a bit relief to not only career oriented ladies but also to ladies who are suffering from other diseases such as cancer, appendix rupture or plan to marry at a later stage of their life. (ANI)