EFLU gates closed; students protest against cops behavior

Hyderabad: On Sunday protest erupted inside EFLU (English and Foreign Language University) as Hyderabad police locked all the gates and stopped students and professors from stepping outside the campus.

The gates were opened only after more than two hours.

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Harshal Deshpande, vice-president, student of EFLU said that the lockdown of campus was unacceptable.

“If they can lock campus today just because they got information that we would be taking part in a protest, they could hold us as hostage in our own campus in future.”

Students alleged that the police locked all the gates to stop them from taking part in a #SnackTalk protest organized in solidarity with Delhi riots victims near Karachi Bakery at Moazzam Jahi Market.

At around 3 pm, police locked all the gates of EFLU and restricted students inside the campus.

“It was not like the protest call was by the student union of EFLU. We got information about the event and a group of students were discussing about taking part in the protest,” said Samat Ali, general secretary of the student union.

She said some students were about to step out of the campus to reach Karachi Bakery when the police locked the gates.