Efforts on to strengthen Ayush, Minister asks Docs to stop unwanted surgeries

Health Minister Dr C Lakshma Reddy today said Ayush Health policy will be strengthened to provide better medical services to the people.

Participating in 208th birthday celebrations of Electro Homoepathy Dr Count Sisore Mattiye conducted by Telangana Homoepathy Doctors Association here, Lakshma Reddy expressed content over electro homeo services being offered to poor as part of Ayush health policy. As that of Homoeo services, people also prefer to get electro homeo health services, he said, adding that related problems will be resolved by taking them to the notice of the Centre.

Stating that health sector was neglected in the State during previous governments, the minister claimed that the TRS Government was coming up with innovative and unique health schemes to cater to the growing health needs of people. However, the minister expressed concern over some doctors indulging in unwanted surgical operations, which was not good for the society, he said.

“The doctors should shoulder responsibility of service motto and ensure that public medication fulfills the dreams of the people. People who are showing confidence on the government health services now may not do so as some unwanted operations like Hysterectomy and others being conducted by some doctors. This is the high time that the doctors and staff should make persistent efforts to win the hearts of the people by serving them better surpassing other corporate hospitals”, he added. (NSS)