Efforts for reformation & work culture in Waqf Board marred by lack of cooperation

The efforts initiated by Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Asadullah for bringing reformation and work culture in Waqf Board do not enjoy workers’ cooperation, as a result no improvement could be seen in the Waqf Board performance. Besides that irregularities also prevail in some departments of Waqf board.

As the Special Officer Mr. Jalaluddin Akber had introduced biometric system to ensure punctuality of workers but the biometric machine is said to have been tampered. Ingenious way of coming late to work has been continued for a long time; even when the workers come at 12 noon their arrival time is recorded as 10:30. When the officials tried to install CCTV camera they faced strong opposition. It has been decided to to conduct an inquiry into the matter through computer experts.

On the other hand large scale irregularities have also been reported in Department of Qaza‘at. Complaints have been received that department of Qaza’at is issuing bogus marriage certificates by accepting huge amount from the applicants.

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