Efforts to raise the standard of MANUU on par with National Universities – VC’s press conference

Hyderabad: Dr. Mohammed Aslam Parveez, Vice Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University in a press conference held yesterday told that a comprehensive action plan is being prepared to raise the standard of MANUU on par with other National Universities. He pointed out that right from its inception, during the past 18 years, MANUU did not prepare the syllabuses of the university. He mentioned that two enquiry committees have been constituted to probe in to the irregularities committed during the past few years. He assured that whatever irregularities have been committed earlier, would be rectified. He admitted that after he assumed charge as VC, many irregularities have come to his notice during the past two months. He said he is reviewing the functioning of each Dept. personally. He also said that he is top priority is to make MANUU useful to the community. He has therefore been making an attempt to get recognition for all the courses of MANUU form University Grants Commission. He informed that UG courses have been recognized by the UGC which were earlier not recognized. He mentioned that the UGC has recognized certain BA, BSc and MA courses for which university can start teaching. He also informed that attempts are being made to get the recognition for polytechnic courses. He hoped that very soon these attempts would be successful. He told that very soon, training would be started under skill development program in various departments in which employed youths, dropouts and aged persons would be given training. He mentioned that a grant of Rs. 205 crore has been obtained from UGC. For the first time, in 18 years, MANUU organized campus recruitment program in which 65 students were selected by private organizations.

In a question put to him, Dr. Aslam Parveez told that all the irregularities committed by the university, not only in the past 5 years but also right from its inception would be reviewed. If need be, the investigations would be conducted by retired judges. He made it clear that action would be taken against the persons who are found to be responsible for committing irregularities. The VC told that some of the news items published in the media are true. He said that he is making an attempt not to commit any irregularity in the future. He assured that the enquiry committees would be instructed to complete their investigations within the stipulated time. He admitted that non-Urdu knowing persons have been recruited in the university which are in violation to the rules and regulations of the university. A decision has been taken to get a resolution passed in the Executive Council of MANUU to teach Urdu to the non-Urdu knowing staff. It will be compulsory for the non-Urdu knowing teachers to gain proficiency in Urdu language within a year. For this purpose regular monitoring would be made. He also said that the recruitment of non-Urdu knowing teachers is incomprehensible. After they learn Urdu, the tasks relating to paper setting etc. would be assigned to them. He lamented that during the past 18 years, MANUU did not prepare its syllabus in Urdu. He has already started the preparation of syllabus on the top priority basis. He informed that MANUU obtained Open University syllabus in the beginning which is still in vogue whereas Open University changed its syllabus twice during the past two years.

He mentioned that MANUU had started distance education courses in 1998. These courses were unrecognized for the past five years. The degrees issued during this period by the universities are useless. In this manner, thousands of students have been to put to loss

Vice Chancellor also told hat an attempt is being to modernize the infrastructural facilities and the faculty of all the regional center of MANUU. Present in the press conference was Prof. Shaik Mohammed Rahmatullah, Registrar of MANUU

–Siasat News