Efforts on to provide quality power to farm and other sectors: Minister

Power Minister G Jagadish Reddy today said that uninterrupted power supply is being provided to farm sector. The electricity wing will be strengthened by filling 13,000 posts which were sanctioned to provide better services, the minister said.

Talking in the Council during short discussion on power, the minister claimed that the government has taken a decision provide 24 hour power to farm sector on experimental basis. For five days the power will be supplied to 24 lakh pumpsets in the state and will be extended to others on finding its results he informed. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has directed the officials concerned to ensure 24 hour supply to farm sector as the power generation has been increased to cater to future requirements. So far we have supplied 9 hours power to farm sector and from Monday onwards the pump sets are getting 24 hours in selected areas.

He also cited that during the previous regime power transformers used to collapse and officials could not repair them on time. Now the TRS Government has modernized the transformers and providing uninterrupted power and changing them for repair in just 24 hours. Jagadish Reddy also claimed that transformers failure was reduced to 10 per cent from 30 per cent. Stating that there will be no power problem in Hyderabad he said that since more power is required for lift irrigation schemes it was decided to generate more power.

 Defending demand and supply and power availability and production necessary steps will be taken by the officials and sort out the issue, he informed the upper house. Efforts are being continued to provide quality power to farm and other sectors, he added. (NSS)