Only education can realise Constitution makers’ dreams: Sisodia

New Delhi: The dreams of the Constitution makers can be realised only through education, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Thursday.

“The only way to realise the dream of India as laid down in the Preamble is through education. The purpose of education is to build a class of aware, sensitive citizens who we can count on to lead the society in right direction,” Sisodia said during the Republic Day celebrations at a government school here.

“The Preamble has been included in all NCERT books on the very first page. No matter which subject is being taught in schools, teachers must be able to link the Preamble with the course,” said Sisodia.

He said that during an interaction with the school children, he observed that they were concerned about social injustices and discrimination.

“The goals of justice — social, economic and political — have not yet been achieved. No matter what subject we learn, we need to imbibe the ideals of the Constitution.

“These are the fundamental learning outcomes we have to achieve through our education system,” he added.