Education is being saffronised in the country: SIO

Azamgarh: Today education is being saffronised in the country and soon the names of Muslim freedom fighters and ideals will be erased from the books of history. Children are being induced to show hatred towards a particular community. The first education minister of the country had given the best syllabus but it is being changed and is being replaced with the saffron syllabus; which is a threat to the country. These views were expressed by National Secretary Student Islamic Organisation of India, Jaseem PP, former national secretary Masihuz Zaman and district president Mohammed Rafay, while speaking at a press conference at Hotel Damodar.

They informed that SIO has launched a country-wide education campaign beginning from Rajasthan. The message is to be extended to Delhi, Haryana, UP, Bihar and Southern states. MHRD will be gheraod on September 12 on the issue of education in which a number of students from different universities will take part, they said.

They said Muslim representation in higher education is only 5 pc. Minorities, Dalits and backward classes are being exploited in key education institutions of the country. People of a particular ideology are dominating the institutions and want to impose their ideology.