Ecuador to submit ‘A son of Man’ at Oscars

Washington: Ecuador has officially chosen ‘A Son of Man’ to be submitted at the 91st Oscars under the ‘foreign language film’ category.

The film which has been directed by Luis Felipe Fernandez-Salvador and Pablo Aguero is a story set in the backdrop of Incan gold treasure hunt in the South American jungle, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

It is a true story which has been shot in real locations with non-professional actors. The film follows the story of Pipe, an American teenager who joins his father in Ecuador on a hunt for Incan gold.

The twist in the story comes about when the teenager realises that he and his father wouldn’t be able to escape the family demons, which emerge during their journey through the dense jungle.

This is the seventh time Ecuador is planning to submit a film at the Oscars. It first submitted ‘Dreams from the Middle of the World’ under the said category back in 2000.

Till date, the country hasn’t received any nominations at the Academy Awards.